XVIII. Moon.

After watching Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who, Dr. Jimmy responds.

Dear Who Deacons

A lot of my own questions just got answered. The part where Townshend sheds light as to what it was Really like to play - and spend time with - Keith...is the key stuff anyone wants to know.

Pete's words "exhausting" and "despairing" in regard to certain Moon inabilities begs me to request that he offsets those words with off the chart positivity directed skyward to Moonie.

Bard was telling me about the Mid 70's Moon reality in the pre pro to the Vinni Wedding. Seeing that I was shaken by such acute observation from a clear thinking MUSICIAN / DADDY such as Bard, he stepped off the pedal and told me, 'No Danny Boy, Moon really was great'. So Cheers, Bard for coddling my insecurity.

With that, I now Step on the pedal back towards the sensible intellects of Bard and Townshend and Vinni and Say:

Keith Moon died for everything he was. He died for very member of The Who and every one of their fans, beginning and ending with Pete, and through death, arguably kept Pete from the Grim Reaper himself as he would circle close to Meher Baba for real in the year following Keith's death. Ahhh, so that's it. Pete almost did in fact die because of the loss of Keith, and so, for the sake of self preservation, had to cast the power of Keith away in order to create and stay alive from that point in the late 70's through the present.

In other words, EVERYTHING officially DIED after EMPTY GLASS

SO, where am I..ahh, yess, since Moon is gone close to 30 years now, can't we all officially shed a tear together, Pete? Or are we, starting with me, still stuck in the beautiful past and secretly pissed that - unlike Springsteen - you can't get the band back together. So, damn Keith and John for exiting in splendid rock n roll cliche fashion?!?

While I know Pete does not hide behind an Eminence Front, he nonetheless does have a final block of fear vis a vis Keith and perhaps that block of fear, again, is the thing that kept him comatosed inside of Empty Glass and so he never wants or needs to revisit that if he wishes to continue (as we all want him to continue.

All the while, Moon, and Jimmy, are either dead or still standing on that cliff waiting for Pete to turn back from his sailboat to say, 'You're All Forgiven!!'

My sympathies to Mondo Pete for seeming to pass judgment here or, god help me, sound like an ingrate. The only way out for him is through this mini opera Endless Wire stuff that wil always be interesting because ANYTHING Pete does is riveting and profound.

So...in honor of Kit and Keith, I say to Pete "Dear Boy, Before you ever leave the world, please Shed a tear or profess your endless love and gratitude to The One lightning bolt that's still alive in Moon Anytime Anyway Anyone turns on a Who clip Anywhere. After all, it really is just you and Keith who accompany each other on The One. After all, he did
whatever you wanted out of him musically, and more. I mean, really. Come on.

But who am I to ask anything more of Mondo Pete after all the joy I've been given through his art. Should I just step off my box and feel rest assured in the frozen kiss Pete plants on Moon's cheek after Moon leaps from his kit down to the earthly planet of his bandmates to say cheerios to the adoring fans before he bounces off stage never to return..?

Is this enough evidence in the end that Pete adored, and that Pete's empty glass and trip to the doors of the Grim Reaper were enough he could do posthumously for Moon. After that, he had to continue living for all of us by any means necessary. I really understand. And I realize, yes, perhaps I'm the one that is now blocked.

But Long Live the real leading man of The Who who made us all laugh and cry forevermore; the one who launched your arm up into the air to commence Maximum R & B Four Scores Ago and change.

Long Live Moon, Pete

and smile.

dr. jimmy


By Dr. Jimmy, Copyright 2007.