XIX. Lennon, Part One.

Part One in a Series of Observations on the Continuing Unfolding Greatness of The Greatest of All.

"I'm Steppin Out" is so monumental, it humbles you in a way nobody else's stuff does. He was so in tune and on top and in touch with the most basic human feelings and served up what could be quite uncomfortable material in such REAL and acceptable sweetness, he's the ONE. This guy was never sappy or cheesy, but he got those things into his music anyway, but in such a cool way, it works every time. Because there is sappiness and cheesiness in life, it's just that hardly anyone knows how to use it correctly.

The chord change, which I believe is a Fminor on "Blues around my HEAD" is so by the book genius, it cuts everyone else down a notch. It's so obvious, like God is obvious. But no one else can do it, because if they did, they would say, "Oh that's Beatles."

His ultimate greatness, more than the effortless melody or the peerless turn of phrase, is the way he told you exactly who you are and who you want to be and that whatever that happens to be is OK.

He taught an entire generation and several subsequent generations of humans literally HOW TO THINK.

With his insights and his poetry, communicated on the most REAL melodies and the most HUMAN singing voice EVER.

That is his legacy.


Lennon, man. Lennon. 1980 remains the end all be all.



Part Two.

No need to ask the reason why.