XXI. Lennon, Part Three.

"I found that love is more than just holding hands."
They (he) were (was) so great, they didn't give anyone else a chance to slag them off. They did it to themselves first. Always taking the piss, always. Like they knew everything before you did and then you thought of it too and went, "Oh, those guys, they just said that! They're so cool."
There he is, having conquered the world by proclaiming "I want to hold your hand, world," and then a scant three months later, admitting, there's more to it than just holding hands. To self-reference his own work so soon and point out that three months prior is SO LONG ago now, man, I am light years past that now. He was so forward thinking, it was an unstoppable force.
For God's sake, he's playing the intro to "Strawberry Fields" on that hooter thing right there on the film of their first US visit. It would take another three years for the world to even comprehend catching up to him.
February 1964, and he's playing that piece of music on a mouth/keyboard thing with a Russian/Lenin/fisherman cap on, and the whole world rushing by, multitudes bowing before him. "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah," and he's got "Strawberry Fields Forever" brimming already. 
But in the surreality of the moment, he says, "I know it's not only holding hands. What do you think I am, world, an idiot, a mindless, singing puppet?" 
Then he wrote "I'm A Loser", and after that, "Help!"

I would be sad if I knew love was in vain.