Endless Blue Horizon

The juggler offers a kid five bucks

To pull the wig off the head of a clown in a tux

The clown so fried and frustrated

He chucks his game face into the sea

The soulless shell of a man don’t float

A luxury liner’s nothing more than a boat

But one thing I noticed enough to take note of in the slow reality

An endless blue horizon unaware of me

It was here as the tired old jazz trio played

With obscene amounts of dessert on parade

That the juggler’s assistant claimed he never gets laid

And complains through lame comedy

Nothing to do but retire to bed

The terminal email already dead

But visions of cherubic cheeks in my head kept me from getting to sleep

An endless blue horizon unaware of me

Spooned against the unforgiving bowl

Feeling suicidal, even hate my rock and roll

I stumbled through the minefield long enough to find some coal

To light the stove so I could see

And in the morning I was visited by a ray of sunshine wearing shades

And he stayed with me all day

By the time I re-embarked I knew that I could play all those joyful melodies

An endless blue horizon unaware of me

How I got here I don’t really know

My bags are all packed, you know I’m ready to go

Would it be cliché of me to say I love you so?

I love you I love you baby I love you

When you see me again wipe these tears from my eyes

For your beauty is far deeper than I even realized

Usually reserved for the sea or the sky

Not this cruel mortality

So lay me down in this beautiful bed

With visions of cherubic cheeks in my head

I only hope that even after I am dead

Your eyes are what I see

An endless blue horizon waiting there for me